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up to 75%

Reduce development effort by
50 to 75%

up to 90%

Reduce maintenance effort by
80 to 90%

Our clients tell our story best:

Transforming how they develop, deliver and manage complex enterprise systems using PlatformPlus to build IP and meet customer needs.


Aspect Software

Struggling to manage 80 legacy systems built on every imaginable technology, it was Modularis that allowed us to get control with a robust unified command and control system.

Cultura Technologies

Our newly branded vertical platform is an integral part of our strategic plan moving forward. We are now innovating, instead of just reacting to customer demands.

Tata Consultancy Services

Using the Modularis Platform, we were able to migrate an existing web application from Forte to .NET.

"75% of all enterprise software projects fail"

- Gartner

Are you experiencing any of these development pains?


50% Of business leaders expect projects to be delivered within 6 months. 70% say it actually takes longer!


40% say it takes over a year to produce solutions supporting innovative ideas


60% Of production failures are caused by human error or lack of automation

Simply maintenance

We deliver results

For over 15 years, our unique approach has maintained a 95% success rate on projects. We are so dedicated to making sure you can deliver on-time, on-budget and in-scope that we created a “No Regrets” guarantee.

In an industry that typically delivers commercial projects successfully only 25% of the time, know that Modularis will do what it takes to meet or exceed your needs.

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