Proven solutions to transform your software business.

Turn your software into a service.

When you're ready to drive recurring revenue, the Modularis Platform is fully capable with ready-to-run cloud services and powerful tools to extend your products into the cloud.

Extend and enhance existing systems

Plug your systems into the Modularis development platform to add modern solutions and drive new revenue streams.


Rapidly deliver mobile access to your on-premise data and applications.

Data Access

Securely access on-premise data on any device any where.


Permit role-based access to your system data through modern portals.

Modern User

Update your existing systems with the modern user experiences your customers expect.

The challenges of updating existing systems

Common Challenges Modularis Solutions
Our customers are demanding upgrades to our existing systems. The Modularis Platform makes it possible to extend your existing systems and build the new, modern features your customers want on top of your mature systems without rewriting.
Our systems don’t support cloud / mobile. Leverage our platform's cloud gateway and cross-platform HTML5 stack to build cloud-based mobile applications that access your on-premise systems.
Our development team wants to build point solutions. The robust service-oriented Architecture and model-driven automation provided by our platform empowers your team to build more flexible, reusable solutions.
I don’t want to hire new technical staff. Your existing staff will modernize existing systems using HTML5 and C# – skills they should already have. Our onboarding process helps your team get ramped up quickly on our platform and underlying technologies. And our architects and engineers are always on call to assist with heavy-lifting.
We can’t afford to rewrite at this time. Don't rewrite. Instead embrace and extend your existing systems using our platform's powerful reverse-engineering capabilities and end-to-end modern development stack.

Modularis Resource Downloads:

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Modularis Executive Summary

Executive summary

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Executive summary

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