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Public Safety Solutions

Criminal Investigator Focused

The Modularis Criminal Investigation System (MCIS) creates a level setting and culture for law enforcement personnel. Commonly investigators have used a mix of paper worksheets and electronic data entry and retrieval systems. Now they have everything they need in one place to:

  • Initiate the investigation
  • Record complete and correct investigative narratives
  • Secure people, aliases, locations, businesses, vehicles, and other case-relevant information from electronic data sources quickly
  • Ensure security and confidentiality of information, evidence, witnesses, and suspects
  • Upload and manage multimedia evidence, enhancing value and productivity
  • Manage evidence chain of custody “check in and check out” with full support for Barcode and RFID tagging
  • Complete their case files and pass along to supervisors and other personnel for review, approval and dissemination
  • Generate better, more complete cases for prosecutors and the courts
  • Save time and resources