The future-proof development platform.

Based on .NET and a proven service-oriented Architecture, the Modularis Platform provides the perfect foundation for developing the modern solutions your customers need.

With our proven architecture, intuitive tools, and commercial best practices, we help software providers and ISVs extend and enhance mature product lines.

Built right

Our service-oriented Architecture (SOA) produces commercial applications that are easily updated and extended as business needs change.

Built fast

Our model-driven automation and out-of-the-box core functionality speeds development times and reduces defects.

Built to last

The inherent strength and stability of our platform provides a clean upgrade path to new technologies, ensuring that your solutions remain relevant and current for years to come.

A powerful white-box platform.

  • No runtime license fees – unlike black-box solutions
  • Build flexible solutions using C# and HTML5 – Using your existing staff
  • Deploy anywhere – On-premise, in a private cloud, Azure or AWS
  • Commercial-grade – capable of handling the most complex scenarios

A Platform + Services model.

Our architects provide expertise at all phases of development to ensure your solutions meet all of your needs, are built-to-last, and are enterprise-ready. This approach dramatically reduces the risk, time, and cost of product development and maintenance.

  • We work closely with leadership to define a technical roadmap
  • We embed a virtual training team through the first project milestone
  • We provide ongoing support as needed

Modularis Platform gets results.

  • Reduces costs with ~ 80% fewer defects
  • Increases productivity with ~ 70% less handwritten code
  • Enforces industry standard and commercially-proven best practices
  • Provides clean upgrade path to new Microsoft technologies

Modularis Resource Downloads:

Executive summary

Modularis Executive Summary

Executive summary

Modularis Platform Specifications

Executive summary

Modularis Onboarding Process

Executive summary

Modularis Solutions Presentation